An immersive experience for a Cabin Crew Simulator

Purpose: An immersive flight experience including mission capabilities and realism

The software engines in Microsoft Flight Simulator X (version 10) helps facilitate one of the leading immersive experiences. The solution has already been employed as a fair priced flexible and reliable platform for industrial and commercial training.

The technic al flexibility can easily support acquiring business goal. The responsibilities in software are well-organized and has been delegated to specialized workers in the software.


The platform supports simulation of any wheather condition (winds, fogs, storms, lighting etc.) and season (summer, winter, spring, autumn). Special lighting conditions like ground shadows, sunrise and sunsets and night lighting. Planes look very realistic also at night (like special effects movies).

Sequences of events can be i.e implemented as missions. Manually triggered events (i.e. operated from the PLC) can be triggered through the software SDK (API) or 3rd party components.


Some workers can even help support any future requirements in almost any business case. The graphical workers can create an environment of high resolution graphics, somewhat a living world when close to ground like birds, sea and waves, sea and road traffic. High resolution clou lid textures and a close to reallife experience of ground in day and night flight (satellite photos). Even requirements for special lighting condition can be met and flying through clouds may seem real. Concerning the airport environment it is alive as well and real life flight plans can be implemented to support a realistic experience. Most major and big airports in the world are also available in extra high end and exact detail.


The system can be run from a big workstation running an Extreme edition of Intel Core i7 on chipsets X58 or Intel Skulltrail 2. The 8 or 16 (Skulltrail 2) CPU cores will be rendering graphics and driving th simulation. 3-4 PCi-E graphic cards with Matrox TripleHead2Go or DoubleHead2Go can support a virtual screen running just behind the 14 monitors behind the cabins windows. Each virtual screen will have 14 views. The 14 views are configured as such in 3 dimensions as viewpoints in FSX. The monitors are connected using DVI or VGA. The GPU\s will work with the CPU\s to fill the screen buffers.